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Collection of pretty dresses (Flower printed)

 This dress is not flower printed but it's pokadots which is cute! The cute frills at the arms are the best features of this dress~
I think the ribbon in her hair matches very well with her cute pokadot dress.

Flower printed blue dress. She has worn it over a plain white t-shirt. Looks simple with her white sneakers :)

Dark toned flower dress. It has rubber bending around her waist and the dress also has cute frilly collar!

This kind of looks like grandma's dress, but i guess it's vintage fashion. Pink and white dress. it's see through ? lol

A maroon printed short dress with red cardigan. Nice color match :)!

 She's the same girl from above. Just purple-bluey flower printed dress with a nice beige knit!

These are some of dresses with lace collars. This is a popular item in Korea at the moment. These type of dresses are so cute~

Lastly, a red vintage dress. I think the big red buttons are cute and they stand out:)
She has the colour theme of red-pink including her hair and the ribbon !

Jung Hyun Joo
Born in year 1991.
Famous for casting in Ulzzang Shi Dae season 2
Currently modelling for korean shopping mall
for english version

 Shoes Part 2

Part 2

Jung Hae Won
Born in year 1990

dark Yellow jumpsuit with a simple black belt
White t-shirt inside

cool stripy leggings with new balance shoes.
vintage patterned t-shirt

black leggings with winter skirts

simple grey dress with a cute pink and white cardigan.
Multi colored shoes to brighten up the style

cute ribbon on hair and top (blouse)

vintaged cardi with dabbed lines
metallic purple skirt with black leggings
and a simple white/grey shirt inside the cardigan.

vintage dark floral skirt with grey wolly knit
to color match with grey socks in green converse
Huge fluffy knitted scarf for the final touch

simple pink spring dress with grey converse